The new planning of mine crusher on gravel industry in 2012

As the hard core of the manufacturing industry, machinery industry is the national economy important industry and major pillar of the economy, which also are closely linked with the well-being of the domestic economic. With the impact of the global financial crisis reduces gradually, our country economy begins to pick up, the production scale of various metal and non-metallic minerals, cement, construction, sand and metallurgical industry also continue to expand throughout the country, which lift a climax of construction. The sand making machine play an important role in the development of China’s construction industry, which has become the national economy the pillar industry creating benefit.
  The construction of Chinese economic has gradually began to develop at a rapid momentum since the eighty time, no matter what industry which refers the China railway construction, highway construction, the developing of real estate, mining and water conservancy industry, they are all developing at a very fast speed. These developing trend has driven the development of an economy industrial chain, for example, the repair of Expressway, the repair of railway and the construction all need cement, gravel, sand and so on, and the product of which need mining machinery such as crushing machinery and grinding machinery. That is to say, the rapid development of gravel industry also bring the rapid development of mining machinery, such as the developing of jaw crusher, sand making machine need in mining and gravel production. The infrastructure construction will drive the development of gravel crusher and the crushing industry.

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How to avoid the shaking phenomenon of jaw crusher?

The workers applying jaw crusher know that after jaw crusher is used for some time, jaw crusher will have the shaking phenomenon. This action makes workers stop their work to check out shaking reason, so that they can repair the machine and restore production. In fact, as long as they pay more attention the machine at ordinary times, they can completely avoid this situation.

First, we should pay more attention screws fixing jaw crusher whether there is loose or rupture phenomenon. Jaw crusher needs to rely on the screws to be fixed on the ground. If the screw is coming loose or rupture, one side of the machine will happen firstly slight shaking. If we don’t tighten the loose screw or replace the screw of fracture in time, it will make the rest of the screw move easily or rupture, and then shaking phenomenon is more serious, even can damage the machine.

The second, we should check fixed foundation whether there is loose phenomenon. As is known to all, building houses needs to lay the good foundation. If the foundation is instable, it will collapse. Jaw crusher is the same, it needs to rely on the solid foundation, so that it won’t shake. If the foundations of the jaw crusher is unstable or happen loose in the process of long-term use, they both will affect the jaw crusher’s stability. So we must play a good foundation of jaw crusher, and check whether the foundation is loosen in the later use process once in a while. if so, we should timely reinforce.

The third, if the flywheel has deviation from the slot position in use process of jaw crusher, it will make the machine unbalance. So that the machine happen shaking phenomenon.

So the regular inspection and maintenance is very important in the use of jaw crusher.


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The three criterions to choose crusher

  Jaw crusher, hammer crusher, and other crushing equipment are the important mining equipments. At present, there are many enterprises that produce mining and crushing equipments in our country,many, the good and bad are intermingled for many equipments. How to choose and buy high quality and crushing equipments? We suggest that you can abide three criterions.

  First of all, you need to know what material you want to break. According to the broken material you need, we can choose suitable crusher give you. For the different material, it also needs the different crusher to break.

  Second, you need to know how much material’s fine degree is. Each crusher has his own processing characteristics, such as jaw crusher, it is used in the first break, Europe version hammer crusher can be used for fine broken use. Another aspect, the material of different hardness also determines the choices of crusher. for example, high hardness materials (granite and etc) can be recommended to use cone crusher.

  Finally, you must know how much output you want crushing equipment to produce. Each series products are divided into many types, you can depend on the need to choose the crusher. such as hammer crusher, the minimum type is DPC400 * 300, this hammer crusher can produce 5-10 tons by15 MM each hour;DPC800 * 600 equipment can produce 15-30 tons by the following 15 MM every hour, and we have also other types. We can meet the different requirements of all kinds of customers for production.

  When you understand the above three points, you can consult the corresponding production enterprise. You will find that you should look for the enterprises which have the large production scale and good reputation.

  DSMAC is specialized in the production of broken equipment.The equipment has a feature of big reduction ratio, product size uniform, simple structure and reliable operation, simple maintenance and low operation cost. It is a famous production enterprise in crusher equipment.


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The technological process of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is mainly constitute feed hopper, points feeder, vortex dynamic crushing cavity , impeller, spindle, base hammer broken machines, gearing, stent, etc. The analysis of jaw crusher technological process is as following:First preliminary broken the stone materials by the coarse crusher, then the materials transport to the fine crusher by belt conveyor for further broken . The materials into vibrating screen to sieve two kinds of stones after fine crushing. The materials into the crushing mechanism sand which meet the feeding granularity of jaw crusher, another part of the materials will return into fine crushing. Silmultaneous until the granularity material meet the requirements.

Jaw crusher with the advantages of small wear, good granularity scrap, simple maintenance and low operating capital, etc. So although jaw crusher is an old type of crusher, it was welcomed by customers both at home and aborad.


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Three points should bear in mind when choosing a crusher

Jaw crusher, hammer crusher and other crushing equipments are mining equipments crushing materials. There are many mine crushing machinery manufacturers in domestic, and the quality of many equipment is uneven, some good and some bad. How to choose high quality crushing equipment? When choosing a crusher, buyers should pay attention to the following three points:

First of all, according to your raw materials need crushing. DSMAC crusher can process ore material. As with some pure metal, flammable and explosive, with high water content, high hardness, it can’t realize the crushing. For example, there is a large amount of steel in building waste material, which can’t be processed by stone crusher and need to dispose before the crushing. Another example, if the ore is with large amount of mud, the direct feeding can clog the crusher.

Secondly, you need to determine the fineness the products you want to precess the raw materials. Crushing machinery produced by dsmac include various kinds such as jaw crusher, hammer crusher, roll crusher and so on. Each crusher has its own body processing characteristic, such as the jaw crusher is used in the first crushing as well as the coarse crushing. In addition, the hardness is also one of the key factors should bear in mind when choosing a crusher, different material hardness determines different machines.

Finally, you should know the yield of the crushing machienry you demand, such as hammer crusher, the smallest PC400 * 300 devices, can reach 5-10 tonnes per hour, while PC800 * 600 equipment can achieve 15-30 tonnes per hour. The different types can meet different production requirements of various customers.

After understanding the above three points, you should refer to the big crushing machinery manufacturers with good reputation. Henan Hongji is a professional at manufacturing crushing equipment, which are all with the characteristics of big crushing ratio, uniform finished product size, simple structure, reliable work, convenient to repair, low operating costs and so on. Hongji is also the domestic and foreign well-known crusher producing enterprises.

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Jaw crusher application in the metallurgy, highway, building, railway, chemical industry fields

The jaw crusher is widely used in the fields of metallurgy, highway, building, railway, chemical industry, mining and quarry.

Owning a wide range of jaw crusher products, our company provides you with different kinds of jaw crusher to meet your different demands. For instance, such hard materials as granite, basalt, silexite, magnetite etc. can be crushed fine with fine jaw crusher ,researched and developed with the National Mining and Metallurgy Community, which enjoys a one-up place in the world because of its significant breakthrough in hard rock crushing. And the deep cavity fine jaw crusher featuring its optimized design, high reduction ratio, 30% reducing in energy consumption, and 3-5 times service life longer than other products due to its wear-resisting performance can be widely used to crush materials like limestone, basalt, cobble, bluestone, ore, calcium carbide and carbide slag. Most importantly, all kinds of jaw crusher can meet perfectly the demand of high production capacity.
Materials to crush: limestone, basalt, cobble, bluestone, ore, calcium carbide, carbide slag, granite, basalt, silexite, magnetite and so on.
Benefits and features of jaw crusher:
-The Perfect Cavity Design

How to improve the capacity? Yes, the right cavity design really will save you a lot from coming up to that purpose. PE series jaw crusher, possessing the unique deep cavity design, ensures the minimum blockage and eliminates unnecessary waste causing by materials rebound. The tooth profiles as well as the thickness of the jaws benefiting from the use of manganese steel alloys are highly optimized in maximizing throughput and minimizing operating costs.

-E-environmental friendly

To reduce the noise pollution, PE series jaw crusher is designed with damping layer filled in the interlayer and equipped with dust-cleaning apparatus to reduce the dust.

- 3-5 times service life longer than other products due to its wear-resisting performance.

- High reduction ratio, granular size ranging 20mm~400mm, high production capacity, and homogeneous final grain size.

-30% reducing in energy consumption

-Easy maintenance

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Jaw Crusher:New Star in Construction Machinery Industry

Waste material in Britain after the end of the second crushing the finished product can be re-used materials. The use of the third crushing impact crusher PCX held broken, widely used in building materials, metallurgy, refractory material, ceramic and other lines. Cutting brick and other jaw crusher, Britain at the end PE jaw crusher broken again after the end of the selection and classification of Great Britain after the jaw crusher, if the waste material to build than a huge force. Jaw crusher can be used to produce unburned jaw crusher, concrete crusher fight back into the PF obtained by force feeding though it is smaller than sand powder. To facilitate the processing of small aniseed into material, you should consider at the third break; can use these to build a rational use of garbage again, jaw crusher is crushing equipment to build a reliable rubbish, easily broken.

These are the fight back into the crusher PF Britain after the end of the material are broken to be smaller than the power of powder sand, the use of expensive. To facilitate the re-mining jaw crusher with profit, but there are many broken simply for practical on a 1-3 stone to build jaw crusher. To build a garbage can through the PE jaw crusher broken briefly held jaw crusher, and then turn into different categories, as usual for the production of unburned brick probably cut jaw crusher, and then after the material into small classified at the same time the selection again. To build a garbage can through a simple sorting waste into the concrete building, brick building waste, scrap wood to build a waste, garbage and other waste to build a steel jaw crusher, easy to use once again broken jaw crusher, jaw end of Britain to build a garbage crusher machine broken. You can choose the department not see the scrap iron and steel waste jaw crusher, economical and practical to use them. Tile than the force due to its loose garbage, broken to reach the next level of time all of the material to be broken tiles around the concrete. The material into the crusher at PF fight back once again broken jaw crusher.

Brick and concrete waste is a huge waste joint state, can now be resolved to a series of crushing and screening jaw crusher, crushing the material can be used after the backing material in road building is probably the fundamental material. This one is to build a waste recycling waste we handle to build the biggest problem faced by the impact crusher PCX after the material will be combined into confusion sand powder mixed material, there is a world of concrete garbage up.


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Performance characteristics analysis about mining crusher

DSMAC’s mineral processing equipment plays a very important role in China’s infrastructure construction, and the crushing equipment occupies a very important position in the process of production of the mineral processing. The building people who have some experience know that the ore of different intensity ore also needs the machine with the different type in mining. The main types of crusher have the jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, vertical shaft crusher and other types, but the utilization rate of jaw crusher is very high in each big mining.

At present, crusher is widely used in stone production line and dressing production line and all kinds of sand production line. When the ore is just extracted, it is usually the irregular shape, and generally its volume are bigger. So we must firstly extracts metal from the ore, and then we need to do making sand, or other processing using, so that we need to use jaw crusher to  break the ore.

Now we can analyse the performance characteristics of DSMAC’s jaw crusher. Firstly jaw crusher has a feature of the simple structure, reliable quality, relatively low operating costs; Secondly jaw crusher has the low noise, can produce little dust; According to need, the gasket type discharging mouth can be adjusted; Its adjustable range is wide, so it greatly increases the flexibility of the equipment; Its applicability is very extensiver, it can meet requirements of different uers;

Especially we have begun to promote comprehensive energy conservation and environmental protection, our company’s jaw crusher equipment has obvious advantages in energy conservation.  energy saving of single machine is about 15% to 30%, the whole system can energy saving than double. Jaw crusher greatly reduce the operating costs for the enterprise, reduce the cost for the enterprise and reduce the burden of the enterprise.

DSMAC can product stone crusher for sale!

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How to lubricate impact crusher

The impact crusher is dexterous and light, small size. Its structure is not very complex, so impact crusher is a new, effective mining equipment which has big reduction ratio. In practice, the impact crusher has a feature of less energy consumption and even granules, but plate hammer and counterattack plate are easily damaged, so we should pay attention to maintain lubrication work in the daily use .

(1) We should add the grease with right amount which is about 1/3-1/2 of mining machines space;
A large amount of grease can the increase friction torque, rise equipment temperature, so that machine wear is more serious. On the other hand, for few lubricating grease, it will happen friction inside the crusher without getting lubrication grease. As a rule, the suitable fatliquoring quantity of impact crusher is about 1/3 to 1/2 of mining machinery space’s total volume. Sometimes we should depending on the definite situation, we need to put some grease at the edge mine machinery and applied the cavity lubrication.

(2)We should insist on using the same brand of grease, and try to avoid use other brands;
we should try to use the same brand of lubrican in daily maintenance, and avoid using the mixing lubricating grease. If we don’t pay attention to this point, the probability of failure which the crusher appears will increase 13.2%.

(3)We should pay attention to hygiene issues in the process of filling grease;
Before we add the lubrication grease for equipment, we is first to close inspection containers and tools, it is better to use the dry dishcloth to wipe, then clean the mouth which can be put into the lubrication grease of the equipment, finally we should prevent dust, mechanical impurities and sand particles waste into the machine in the process of lubrication.

(4) We also note the seasonal differences;
If you are in the region, summer temperatures are very different from winter temperatures, the storage and choice of grease also should be seasonal. It is forbidden to use a kind of grease in winter and summer, or else lubrication effect it will backfire. It should also be noted that the grease should stored in a cool and dry place, and we don’t use the woodiness and paper material to pack and place grease.


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Crusher making the building garbage change into building materials

A large of construction waste can change into four different types of the sand through crushing and screening of two sets of crusher equipments in a few minutes. Then these materals fall from the machine and is called aggregate, they can be used to produce blocks, wall, floor tile and building materials products.

It is introduced that this project brings in the German advanced technology, high-tech content, which is the international advanced products. And this project just starts at home, also has the wide prospect of market.

According to estimates, with the development of urban construction, China’s annual produced only the construction waste and residue which the construction causes is at least more than 300 million tons in China, and makes up about 30% -40%of total rubbish. If we add other construction waste that architectural decoration, demolition, building materials industry produce, it will be larger number. Much more worrying is that the emissions are now also increasing year by year, the ratio of the increase is around 8% in the courty.

These buildings garbage don’t have professional processing field in most cities. They not only seriously pollute environment, but also take up much land.

The reuse comprehensive construction project of DSMAC renewable resources construction brings in Germany portable crusher. The waste and debris will be sorted and the waste also be broken in a specification size. At last they will be the regeneration of building materials which meet the requirements of environmental protection and quality, and they are widely applied in road construction, foundation base and so on. For the architecture garbage of waste wood, we also can produce raw materials of renewable plank or paper making through special process. The total investment of project is expected to 550 million yuan, the whole project is divided into three phase of construction.


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